Jonathan Tabisaura is a Filipino macro underwater photographer behind Shutter Speed. He is an entrepreneur by profession who manages a retail company called Urban Gadgets, and a trading company called iMed Advance Imaging Solutions Inc. If the entrepreneur is nowhere to be found in either of these companies, he is probably equipped with a trusty oxygen tank and having a serious meeting with the critters in the underwater world of Anilao, Coron, Dumaguete, or Malapascua. He pursues his passion for photography in between hectic work schedules by documenting two-millimeter shrimps, crabs, and other marine life that the naked eyes cannot see, all made possible by the power of his cameras, lenses, and the local spotters he dives with. Through their help and effort, he is able to let the world know that such beautiful macro creatures exist in the world we live in.

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