Perry Chua's photographic journey is an interesting one. It was during his honeymoon trip in 2003 that sparked his interest in photography. This interest turned into a hobby which led him to take a basic lighting workshop in 2005. Soon, he discovered his interest in "PhoTOYgraphy" - a term he used to describe using photography to bring toys to life. He got hooked into this hobby when he learned light painting from a workshop facilitated by Jo Avila. By borrowing the toy collection of his friend, he further honed his skills. On all his photos, he would use "PowerPee" (his first Apple laptop) or "Pee" (his nickname) as photo credits. His photographic lighting techniques are inspired by the early works of Alex Ross - the artist of Superman who has a fantastic perspective and lighting rendition. 

Patience and practice are what make his photographs stand out. But most of all, he is very grateful to the Lord for giving him the chance to pursue and excel in this hobby. Through this, he made new friends and was able to inspire more people to get into "PhoTOYgraphy."

Today, Perry works for a shoe manufacturing company and makes leather accessories on the side.  He is into sports, photography, gadgets, and toys. He uses both DSLR and mirrorless cameras to date.


  • Civil War, 2007. Winner, 1st Toyclicks Competition, 6th Philippine Toy, Hobbies, Collectibles Convention
The Return of Doctor Octopus, 2007. Winning Entry, Jo Avila's Lighting Workshop

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