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Here's a Lookbook of people from all walks of life who've made an impact, big or small, in their chosen field of passion, calling and expertise. We simply hope that as you draw inspiration from them and their photos, you would be encouraged to pursue yours as well.
24 Jun Patrick Uy
0 979
Patrick Uy is a Manila-based photographer with 30 years of experience in fashion, wedding, food, travel, and commercial photography. He is a past president of two of the country's most distinguished photography organizations - Camera Club of the Philippines, and Advertising Photographers of the Philippines.His passion for photography began in colle..
08 Jun Kamille Ann Manginsay
0 795
Kamille Ann C. Manginsay, or as her friends call her Kam, is a 26-year old self-taught photographer and filmmaker based in Manila, Philippines.With a degree of Entrepreneurship from De La Salle University, Kam always believed that aside from creating and innovating new products and services, creatively using visual storytelling is an important role..
27 May Perry Chua
0 667
Perry Chua's photographic journey is an interesting one. It was during his honeymoon trip in 2003 that sparked his interest in photography. This interest turned into a hobby which led him to take a basic lighting workshop in 2005. Soon, he discovered his interest in "PhoTOYgraphy" - a term he used to describe using photography to bring toys to life..
27 May Noel Guevara
0 711
Noel Guevara is an adventure, conservation, and wildlife photographer/director based in Manila, Philippines. His experience in producing content and creating visual stories spans more than 18 years, starting with the founding of his design firm, Burnwater Design Studios in 1998 to more recently, directing TVCs and online videos. Currently, Noel has..
27 May Michael Benzon Lim
0 1155
Michael Benzon Lim is an engineer by profession who manages their family-owned manufacturing and distribution business. As a way to cope with the hustle-and-bustle of work, he would often go on trips – both domestic and overseas. During his travels, he would often find himself mesmerized by the beauty of the landscapes. In 2014, he began to take in..
27 May Jonathan Tabisaura
0 733
Jonathan Tabisaura is a Filipino macro underwater photographer behind Shutter Speed. He is an entrepreneur by profession who manages a retail company called Urban Gadgets, and a trading company called iMed Advance Imaging Solutions Inc. If the entrepreneur is nowhere to be found in either of these companies, he is probably equipped with a trusty o..
27 May Jiggie Alejandrino
0 831
Jiggie Alejandrino is a Filipino portrait and wedding photographer known for his expertise in manipulating ambient and artificial light to create clean and classic images. Jiggie is considered one of the most reputable lighting specialists in the Philippines conducting local and international workshops, and has also shot numerous weddings locally a..
27 May Gerald Baria
0 806
Engr. Gerald B. Baria is the creative powerhouse behind the successful QbetaStudios. Together with his wife, Diane, they have propelled QbetaStudios to be one of the most versatile and creative video production companies in the country. Gerald worked as a chemical engineer before being whisked away into the creative profession after falling in love..
27 May Ferdinand Singh
0 611
Ferdinand Singh is a freelance photographer specializing in portraiture, still life, and macro photography. An excellent studio photographer, he also finds travel photography very satisfying as well as relaxing. Ferdie, as he is known by his associates has earned accolades not only nationally by winning some prestigious local competitions such as 2..
27 May Don Davies
0 574
Don Davies is a portrait photographer based in Manila, Philippines. He started photography in 1994 when he purchased his first camera a Canon EOS 500. However, it was not until his younger daughter started taking ballet lessons that he really got serious in photography, taking photos of their ballet recitals, and even doing the portraits of the dan..
27 May Brian Lim
0 956
Brian Lim is an entrepreneur with a multi-disciplined background in photography, cinematography, graphic design, communications, and marketing. His passion for photography and cinematography started in college where he majored in Communication Arts, Major in Film and Marketing. A scholar of Kodak International Cinematography program and a multi-awa..
27 May Edwin Martinez
0 1000
Edwin Martinez is a widely respected and one of the finest landscape photographers in the Philippines. His vast experience shooting different topographies and seasons around the globe  have cemented for Edwin an undisputed distinction of expertise in the field of photography. He guides photography tours in Iceland, Norway, Canada, the American west..
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