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Tourbox after 1 month of use

Tourbox Neo – after a month’s use

After a month of usage, Wishing Well's Top Videographer/Editor Sherard Yu shares why he thinks the Tourbox Neo is his favorite editing controller. Watch the short video to get a quick overview of his thoughts and feedbacks.
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Tourbox Review

Tourbox: A “Must-Have” for Photographers

What did Jiggie like about the Tourbox Neo so much that he purchased another one? Watch the video as the "Eye of Asia" top pro-portrait photographer explains in detail why he thinks the Tourbox Neo should also be your staple productivity tool.
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Tech Pouch Organized

How Jiggie organizes his Tech Pouch

There are more ways than one on how to maximize the Tech Pouch. Top portrait photographer, Jiggie, shares what goes into this pouch and how he uses the Tech Pouch to organize his daily and work life.
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