using clutch on mirrorless cameras

Using Clutch with Mirrorless or other Small Cameras


Small cameras can be tough to hold, and in some cases, Clutch can be a big help in letting you get a comfortable grip.

However, while we did our best to accommodate working with as many mirrorless cameras as we could, there are some limitations that you should be aware of when considering Clutch.

Clutch does not work well if the following conditions apply to your setup:

1. Your shutter button is directly in line with your strap connector. It’s difficult to reach the shutter with a hand strap as it is, and this alignment will make it nearly impossible.

lug in like with shutter

2. Your strap connection occurs in the middle of the camera body. Clutch needs to connect at the top of your camera.

lug in middle of camera

3. You have no or very little grip. Clutch depends on having a decent sized surface of the camera to hold your hand against.

grip surface
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