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Lumi Inkowash

Lumi Inkowash
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Lumi Inkowash
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After you've exposed your Lumi Inkodye project with the Sun or an Arista UV Lightsource, the final step to creating your one-of-a-kind artwork is simply washing out the excess dye with laundry detergent.

Lumi's Inkowash is an 8oz (237ml) bottle of specially-formulated, strong detergent to rinse out all of the unexposed Inkodye. It takes the guesswork out of choosing a detergent for this "fixer/wash" step.

Washes 10 laundry loads of projects.

  • Professional laundry detergent
  • 8oz (237ml)
  • Specially formulated strong detergent to rinse out unexposed Inkody

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